On the troubles of writing a short story


It’s been a while.

Medical school is busy. Very busy. I haven’t written much.

But I’m back! For quite a long time, I’ve been trying to write a short story version of my novel in an attempt to iron out the kinks in the plot and boil it down to the main threads.

But I can’t do it. I don’t write short stories well because there isn’t enough time for character development. And trying to fit my novel into a short story has proven too difficult for me. Unfortunately, my novel still needs a lot of figuring out, and a summary of some sort would be helpful. What to do…

I remembered that I wrote an epic poem version of a novel I wrote with a friend once, and I actually really enjoyed doing that. So that’s what I’m doing now. I’m writing an epic poem version of my novel.

What’s the difference between the short story and the epic poem? The poem doesn’t require any dialogue or description, and I can just tell the story in short stanzas. Seriously, this is a great way to write a synopsis-type-thing for a novel.

Below is a snippet of what I’ve written so far:

Two kingdoms at war

One above and one below

An Underlander ambassador assassinated

Left no choice


Bloodshed for years

No end in sight

A spy allowing assassins through

To kill the Underland general


At a stalemate even so

More years of struggle

Leading to a conditional peace

To end the death


A decade later

Two men, barely more than youths

Happen upon in the mines

Something magical


Crystals of old

Forged by magicians

A legend for both kingdoms

Never found until now


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